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50001 Ready Navigator Tasks

The following is a complete list of all 50001 Ready Navigator Tasks.


Context of the Organization

Task 1 An EnMS and your Organization We have defined, documented and approved the Scope and Boundaries of our 50001 Ready energy management system
Task 2 People and Legal Requirements Affecting the EnMS We have developed an energy policy statement, which has been approved by top management
Task 3 Scope and Boundaries Our top management has expressed its commitment to the 50001 Ready system, and are aware of their roles and responsibilities


Task 4 Management Commitment We have established an energy team that meets regularly and includes a management representative. Roles and responsibilities have been defined for the energy team and all affected personnel.
Task 5 Energy Policy We have identified energy-related legal requirements that apply to our operations, have a process to evaluate and update these over time, and evaluated our compliance with them
Task 6 Energy Team and Resources We have identified all our energy sources and uses and accurately collected the related energy consumption data


Task 7 Risks to EnMS Success We have analyzed our energy consumption data at the system/equipment level
Task 8 Energy Data Collection and Analysis We have determined our Significant Energy Uses (SEUs) and determined their energy performance, estimated future consumption and have a plan for reviewing and updating them.
Task 9 Significant Energy Uses We have determined the relevant variables that affect energy consumption of each SEU and collected the associated data.
Task 10 Improvement Opportunities We have identified energy performance indicators (EnPIs) and developed a methodology for determining and updating them.
Task 11 Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) and Baselines (EnBs) We have established an energy baseline(s), approved objectives and energy performance improvement targets, and timeframes for their achievement
Task 12 Objectives and Targets We have identified and prioritized energy performance improvement opportunities, and have a process in place to continue to update them
Task 13 Action Plans for Continual Improvement After using a documented project selection process, we have developed action plans and implemented energy improvement projects


Task 14 Competence and Training We have ongoing monitoring and analysis of our energy consumption, SEUs, relevant variables, and action plan progress and effectiveness
Task 15 Awareness and Communication We have an energy measurement plan, reviewed periodically, which defines, organizes and documents our monitoring and measurement activities, and ensures they are accurate and repeatable.
Task 16 Documenting the EnMS We have set operations and maintenance criteria for our SEUs, operate them accordingly, and communicate these controls to relevant personnel


Task 17 Operational Controls We investigate and respond to significant deviations in energy performance and potential issues with the 50001 Ready system, taking corrective and preventative actions as needed
Task 18 Energy Considerations in Design We consider energy performance opportunities when designing new, modified, or renovated facilities, equipment, systems and processes
Task 19 Energy Considerations in Procurement We have developed and have processes in place to control the 50001 Ready systems documents and records

Performance Evaluation

Task 20 Monitoring and Measurement of the EnMS All organizational personnel have been informed about our energy policy and their roles and responsibilities, and solicited for suggestions. We have determined the policy and method (if applicable) for external communications about our energy policy/performance.
Task 21 Monitoring and Measurement of Energy Performance Improvement Training needs for the 50001 Ready system and the SEUs have been identified, and staff and contractors have been trained as needed to ensure they are qualified for their energy management role
Task 22 Internal Audit We have established energy performance criteria spanning the operating life for purchases affecting energy performance, informed suppliers that this is a factor in procurement, and have defined and currently use specifications for energy supply purchases
Task 23 Management Review We have conducted internal audits of the 50001 Ready system and reported those results and corresponding corrective/preventive action items to top management


Task 24 Corrective Actions We have determined our energy performance improvement.
Task 25 Continual Improvement Top management has periodic reviews of the 50001 Ready energy management system and our organization's energy performance.